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Learning Circle

The Braxton Craven student body is made up of 13 homerooms of 6th graders.  Each student is assigned to a team of core teachers for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Students also have two elective classes each day, including PE/Health. Within the school day, students also participate in enrichment and remediation activities planned by their teachers to address individual learning needs. Spanish Immersion students from HES participate in Spanish during enrichment time.


Core Curriculum

Core subjects include Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies courses, which are required by the state of North Carolina for all 6th Grade students. All BCS core teachers follow either the NC Common Core State Standards, or the NC Essential Standards for the subject area they teach.

To review the state standards for 6th grade in each of these subject areas, click on the subject name below which is a link to the NC standards document for that subject. Some other resources that are helpful for parents trying to understand the curriculum are listed below that.

Standards Document

English Language Arts


6th Grd Science

6th Grd Social Studies

Additional Resources

6th Grade ELA Parent Road Map

6th Grade Math Parent Road Map

6th Grade ELA Reference

CC Resources for Parents




Braxton Craven classroom instruction follows the same core curriculum pacing as all other middle schools in the Randolph County School System. To see how curriculum topics are sequenced for each quarter as well as corresponding vocabulary terms, click the quarter you are interested in below.  These are currently being updated.


1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter



Elective Courses

The elective courses offered to BCS students include:

PE/Health (required)




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